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June 28, 2009

Unix Find and Grep

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A lot of times we have to recursively find files and grep some text in each of the files, here is a handly command to do so:

find . -name “*.log” -exec grep “mytext” {} \;


June 22, 2009

Remove ^M characters from Unix file

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UNIX treats the end of line differently than other operating systems. Sometimes when editing files in both Windows and UNIX environments, a CTRL-M character is visibly displayed at the end of each line as ^M in vi.

To remove the ^M characters at the end of all lines in vi, use:


The ^v is a CONTROL-V character and ^m is a CONTROL-M. When you type this, it will look like this:


In UNIX, you can escape a control character by preceding it with a CONTROL-V. The :%s is a basic search and replace command in vi. It tells vi to replace the regular expression between the first and second slashes (^M) with the text between the second and third slashes (nothing in this case). The g at the end directs vi to search and replace globally (all occurrences).

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